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Join The Caregiver Community Today to Get the Encouragement, Help and Resources You Need!

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An All-in-One Resource for Everyone Dealing With The Challenges of Care Giving for an Aging Parent or an Injured or Disabled Loved One! A haven for everyone who cares for a friend or family member at home.


My name is Debra Thompson, and if you're dealing with the unique challenges of home-based care giving, I've got some great news for you!

You are not alone.

Not anymore.

If you're reading this, it means one thing - you're looking for help in dealing with a caregiving situation. Which, let's admit it, will be one of the toughest challenges you'll ever face, no matter how much you love the person you are caring for. Watching a parent who brought you into the world grow older, weaker, and increasingly more dependent is a hard thing to do, all by itself. Dealing with the sudden shock of an injury or debilitating illness that strikes a loved one in the prime of life is even more traumatic.

When you add the responsibility of making caregiving decisions on top of that, it can be overwhelming. In fact, it's far more than you are equipped to deal with on your own.

Whether you've just recently been faced with the task of caregiving, or have been doing it for some time now, or just planning ahead for the future, you've no doubt been riding an emotional roller coaster. That's perfectly normal. There are all sorts of emotions that come with caregiving, and everyone who's ever been in your situation has experienced all of them.

Sadness at watching your loved one struggle to do the simple tasks that once came naturally. Confusion as you face questions and situations you've never had to wrestle with before. The feeling that you're inadequate to meet their needs. With that comes the feeling of guilt. And anger. Anger that there's no one to help you. That you've got to figure all this stuff out for yourself.

And, most of all, frustration. Who do you turn to for advice? Where do you go for help? Where are all the people who've already been down this road? Where are the people you can go to with questions or even an encouraging word? What should you do in this situation? How do you handle this problem? Frustration is probably the single most common feeling people will experience when dealing with a caregiving situation.

Often siblings or other family members are uncooperative or even hostile to your efforts or desire to provide home based care outside of an institutional setting. Resentment, fear, and the unresolved issues all families go through can be exposed in the raw in these situations. It can seem an overwhelming burden -- quite stressful -- especially when wondering, "what next."

It doesn't have to be that way.

Not any more.

Because now there's It's a website you'll turn to again and again to find the help and answers you need. When you join, you'll no longer be alone. You'll have people you can turn to with your questions, with your doubts, with your concerns. People who are in the very same situation that you're facing. People who've been there and know what it's like. You'll be able to talk to them, lean on them, benefit from their experiences. Learn from their successes and their mistakes.

You shouldn't have to figure all this stuff out for yourself. More importantly, nobody can figure this stuff out for themselves. It's impossible. But when you're part of a community, you won't have to. That's what community is all about. People helping people. Relying on each other. And you'll be giving back to the community with your participation. You'll learn as you go. You'll have failures and successes, setbacks and breakthroughs. And people will start turning to you with their questions, and you'll be giving back to the community.

Your membership in the Community will enable us to build and share the resources to equip more people to take on the challenges of home based caregiving. By sharing your experiences, concerns and solutions, you will be a blessing to others who are travelling the same path, and a part of the solution to one of the greatest challenges facing our society.

Even more, the Care Giver Community is dedicated to changing the way we deal with long term caregiving. By bringing people with a heart for others together, we can work out new ways to address these challenges within the family and community structure. Our institutions are inadequate because they cannot provide the element of love and compassion that family and loved ones can. We can find real solutions by working together.


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