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Feature Articles

Find the latest feature articles here!

We generally post new articles every day, and most of them can be found right here. Click on any headline below to find the full article.

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You Are Where You Are Supposed To Be
by Rhea
I was just talking with a lady yesterday who has been staying home with her dear mother for several years. Her mom is in her 80's now and is starting to go downhill a bit. My friend said that altho . . . keep reading
Dietary Guidelines for Older Adults
Patrick De Mesa
Have you ever wondered if you are providing enough dietary nutrition for the care of your older parents, siblings, or significant other? Diet and nutrition may not be the number one cause for ailments . . . keep reading
Traumatic Brain Injury Overview
Life is good! Things are going along fine--until…there is a sudden event in the life of a loved one that brings everything to a screeching halt. Life, as you knew it, will never be the same again. . . . keep reading
Caregiver Well-Being
Do you have days when you wonder if you'll make it through to the end of the day? You have expended so much energy and the person you are caring for seems to be in much better health than you are. . . . keep reading
The Dementia Puzzle
Are you caring for a person with a type of dementia, and just don't understand why they seem to "get" some things "sometimes" and not at other times. Why are there such huge "gaps" that make caregivin . . . keep reading
Dementia Behaviors and Caregiving
Are you the caregiver for a person with a type of dementia? Do you often feel at a loss to know how to deal with your loved one's behaviors? Are you or others upset by the behavior of the person with . . . keep reading
Multiple Sclerosis Overview for Caregivers
Multiple Sclerosis, or MS, is a chronic disease that destroys the myelin, or insulating material, for the conduction of nerve impulses in the brain, spinal cord, and optic nerve. Multiple areas can be . . . keep reading
Urinary Incontinence
Caring for a loved one who needs special care for bladder or bowel control difficulties can be an unpleasant task. The good news is: there are effective solutions for managing urinary incontinence tha . . . keep reading
Dealing With Hearing Loss
Hearing loss can present significant challenges for caregivers and care recipients. Approximately 21% of the adult population in the United States of America provides unpaid care to an elderly person . . . keep reading
Tips for Coping with Arthritis
Arthritis, or inflammation of a joint, is one of the most common ailments in older adults. There are over 100 types of arthritis, some of which can lead to crippling and deformity. Do you or someone y . . . keep reading
Healthy Caregiving
There are numerous things caregivers can do to maintain a healthy, positive outlook. Often, it's easy to get caught up in the moment, and forget to be compassionate. Ask yourself, "Would I like to be . . . keep reading
Arthritis Awareness for Caregivers
As our bodies age, we sometimes have complaints of muscle aches, joint pain, stiffness and other similar maladies. Often the word "arthritis" comes to mind. Just what is "arthritis" and how many peopl . . . keep reading
Helpful Things for Respite Providers to Know
It is important for caregivers to take care of themselves physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Sometimes, taking a short break of a few hours to get things done away from the house, a w . . . keep reading
Caregiving In the Home - A Perspective of Success or Failure?
What is the "weather forecast" concerning your perspective? Is it "Mostly Sunny?" "Partly Cloudy?" "Severe Thunderstorms accompanied by High Winds?" Caregiving can be a positive thing, not . . . keep reading
Stress-Busters and Coping Tips
As a caregiver, when the daily stressors of life mount up, it's easy for a "mole hill" to quickly become a "mountain." Sometimes it's so easy to overlook the small things that used to give you pleasur . . . keep reading
Crisis Days, Getting Ready
Debra Thompson
A 7 Point What-To-Do Checklist Caring for an aging parent, elderly spouse, domestic partner or close friend presents difficult challenges— especially when a crisis hits and you are suddenly . . . keep reading
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