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home | Getting Started

Getting Started Basics

At first, there seem to be so many issues and decisions and questions. If your circumstances are even of a more than normal emotional level, it is harder to concentrate and things can get confusing and wearying very quickly.

Under this Getting Started header you'll find the basics. Print them off to have as checklists, or meeting strategies. When it comes to preparing for the longer-term care of a parent or other relative, there are usually many people that need to be included in the planning. That is not easy in our fast-paced lives that are maxxed with responsibilities.

And, even if you're in the position of going this alone, our aim is to be able to provide anyone with information, resources, real people to consult with, and tangible support, along with anything we can to help you get the job done right.

We welcome ANY input you may have about anything you read here. Please don't hesitate to join us on the forum or on the blog with any comments or concerns or reviews or cautions or experiences. All these things are necessary to help all of us do the best job possible for everyone involved in caregiving. Some key piece of information could be provided by you, and no one else. So, JOIN US.

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