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home | Sherokee Ilse

Sherokee Ilse

Hello Dear Friends,

If you are on this sight, you are probably too busy to read much, but are seeking support and advice from others as you care for a family member. Therefore, I will keep this short.

I am not presently caring for a family member. However, I have written a book that you might find helpful at times. Giving Care, Taking Care: Support for the Helper. This book works for professional and lay care providers. About half the book is on how to give good care without taking on all the emotional burdens of the other person's pain. The other half is about how to make sure that you take time to 'Fill your lamp with oil so you may shine.' If you don't put yourself at, or near the top of the list, you won't have the energy you need to give to others.

So for just a few moments, have a cup of tea, turn on the relaxing music, drop your shoulders, breath deeply, and remember how special you are in this caregiving equation.

Blessings, Sherokee Ilse

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