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home | Paula Farris
Paula Farris
Paula Farris,
The Encourager to
Home Caregivers

Paula Farris is The Encourager to Home Caregivers. She was a part-time caregiver for her Mom who suffered from Alzheimer's Disease and multiple blood clots for several years prior to her death in 2008.

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During that time she managed her Mom's financial and medical affairs serving as both medical and durable power of attorney. Studying everything from drug interactions to prescription drug costs to reverse mortgages to how to improve memory function she became an expert in the field of Dementia Caregiving.

She is the owner, with her sister Lanette, of, a site that offers encouragement, instruction, and understanding to other dementia caregivers from someone who has been there.

Caring for the Caregiver
By Paula Farris
If you have ever flown on an airplane you may be familiar with the emergency instructions about placing the air mask on yourself before you attempt to help others. But in real life we don't have some . . . keep reading
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