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home | Michele Brooks

Michele Brooks

A warm hello!

My name is Michele and I live in Massachusetts, USA. I have lived with pain for many, many years due mostly to a few spinal tumors called Schwanomma's, which thank goodness were benign but had to be removed from my spinal cord. I have had 5 back surgeries over the past 13 years along with hernia repairs secondary to the weak muscles left from the surgeries.

My full story is being written as we speak. I am starting right from the beginning, back about 25 years ago when my back pain started. I am including all of my experiences, with hospitals, doctors, physical therapy, pain medications, alternative therapies, and more that I have experienced in hopes to help many others who have had or many be going through similar experiences. I have tried just about every type of pain relieving regimen, both prescribed by MD's and those that are considered alternative therapies.

I became a Registered Nurse 15 years ago, but although I loved working as a floor nurse, my health issues forced me to start rethinking my future career.

I have been working as a utilization nurse in an office setting now for a while.

I am on a mission to share with everyone that I come in contact with as much information as I can to help make others' lives as pain free as possible, including physical as well as emotional Pain.

I have been a caregiver to many types of people in all types of settings. I spent two years taking care of my elderly grandmother who was unable to care for herself. I helped coordinate her care with home health care nurses, and home health aids. There was also an elderly advocate social worker who was involved because she had many financial issues. I also cared for oncology patients in the hospital and working as a home care nurse, helped families to care for loved ones in need.

Here is to Health and happiness to all!!

I hope I can be a part of making this happen for you.

Michele Brooks

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