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Welcome to the Member Download Area

This is the area we store audios, files, pdfs, program examples and other materials which you can download and use.

All but the audio files in the download area have been compressed into the .zip file format to speed downloads, reduce problems with browsers recognizing downloadable files, and prevent file corruption during the transmission process.

To use these files, you'll first have to download them onto your comptuer, and then unzip them. Windows operating systems generally have a depression/extraction program which generally comes up when you double-click on your new file. If you don't have an unzip program, we recommend Winzip, or Stuffit Expander for Windows or Mac, which you can download from

Click any link below to find files or to read a description of any specific file. From the file description page, a single click starts the download process.

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 Browse Categories and Files:
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 Wendell Perry, Father's Caregiver
 Wendell Perry, Father's Caregiver